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Make a Style Statement with Cool Bandanas
A humble yet versatile piece of clothing, the bandana is often used either to hold hair back or as a staple head accessory. Bandanas are mostly made of thick or other strong but thin and light fabric such as polyester.
Bandanas originated before 500 BC and hold a huge historical significance among the likes of sailors, sailors, farmers, cowboys, miners and bikers, to name a few. The reason bandanas are considered a popular head accessory is because of their lightness and how well they drape the wearer, however effortlessly.
type of binding
Bandanas are a classic and timeless accessory for many people. But you need a suitable type and design of bandana to suit your style. On NEYENA, you can find a variety of bandanas, including regular and chill wraps that are available for both men and women. So, choose your favorite bandanas style from our website and look dashing every day.
Tips for Styling Bandanas
Bandana caps are the go-to accessory that can be used for a number of things. Head accessories are not just limited to pirates and bikers but also suit everyone when worn in the right way. In this guide, you can prepare for your upcoming vacation and look stylish and fashionable by wearing one of your favorite bandanas.
for men
Here is a curated list of some of the best style tips for men’s bandanas:
• Wear a bandana around your neck that goes well with both casual and smart-casual outfits. Choose smaller bandanas to keep your look subtle yet suave.
• Try wearing a bandana around your head for a bold and rock-and-roll look. The look is a favorite among musicians to achieve statement style. Alternatively, you can wear plastic hair bands over the bandanas to keep them in place.
For ladies
There are different types of bandanas for women, and here are some suggestions that you can follow:
• You can wear the bandana as a headband, which can easily be combined with all your summer outfits. Bandana headbands look cute and can be used to keep your hair out of your face or when it’s humid outside.
• Tie a bandana around your pony to add fun and flair to your look. It is comfortable to wear, hardly any effort is required from you to style it. You can experiment with the head accessory and either tie the pony down or up.
How to wear bandana?
You can easily wear the bandana in many ways. But here’s a curated list of tips that will help you wear or wrap a bandana like a pro: For a classic look, women can tie the bandana around their neck as a knotted necklace. For a fun and traditional look, women can wear bandanas around their heads and tie them in simple knots. You can also opt for a nose pin to complete your outfit. For a biker-chic look, men can choose bandanas with minimal prints and pair them with a bomber jacket.
Buy Bandanas Online at Neyena
Pick your favorite bandana from NEYENA and find the perfect printed head accessory to complement your style. Men may want to consider completing their rockstar vibe with a staple ring. Whereas, women can choose bandanas and tie them on their wrists with bangles. Also, sign up for the Neyena Insider loyalty program and avail additional perks and privileges, such as gift vouchers, priority customer support, and more.