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Neyena Marketplace is India’s fastest growing platform for online selling. Be it a manufacturer, seller or supplier, simply sell your products online on Neyena and become a top e-commerce player with minimum investment.

Through a team of experts offering exclusive vendor workshops, training and vendor support, Neyena focuses on empowering sellers across India.

Selling on is easy and absolutely free. All you have to do is register, list your catalog and start selling your products.

what’s more? We have third party ‘ecommerce service providers’ who provide logistics, cataloging support, product photoshoots and packaging materials. We have a program called the Vendor Protection Fund that protects sellers from losses through indemnity.

We provide Neyena Fulfilment services through which you can ensure fast delivery of your goods, quality checks by our experts and a pleasant packaging. Combine these with the fastest payments in the industry and you get an excellent seller portal. No wonder Neyena is India’s favourite place to sell online.

How to become products seller on Neyna?

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To start selling on Neyena, just hold your GST/PAN information and an active bank account in your hand.

Add your products on Neyena

Upload your product listings, brand details and seller description and you are ready to sell.

Delivering your product

Manage your deliveries make customers happy and grow your sale. Easy returns & order cancellation policies system.

Receive Payments for your sale

Get payment for your sale of product by easy withdraw in a short term. Funds will beĀ deposited in your bank account.

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