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Whenever the word ‘lingerie’ is mentioned, most people think of a red lingerie set. Lingerie, however, is a line of fashionable undergarments for women that includes bras, panties, camisoles, sleepwear, and night robes. Lingerie sets itself apart from basic undergarments through its alluring, appealing designs. Undergarments, especially bras, are said to be one of the most complex garments to design and manufacture. On neyena, check out our vast collection of seamless, lacy, printed, or strapless bras and bralettes with fancy straps paired with comfortable yet stylish panties.

Brands across the globe constantly innovate to cater to undergarment demands. Here are some styles you should look out for:

A bikini set includes a bra and a brief. The only difference between the two is the occasion it is worn on. The elements of a lingerie set always complete each other and come in myriad styles and colours.

Essentials such as a sports bra, thermal tops, and swimwear are also available in the collection. Camisoles, another essential, smoothens body structure as well as hide seam impressions caused by bras. Another unmissable product is shapewear, which is usable with sarees, dresses, gowns, skirts, and absolutely any outfit you deem fit.

Lingerie sleepwear or leisure wear includes satin-smooth cotton night suits and trendy night dresses. These are designed to be comfortable and look pretty.

Winter wear products include thermal tops and thermal sets that can either be worn by themselves or layered under regular clothes. Padded bras, in fact, not only offer support and enhance shape but also help keep warm.

The key to finding the best set of lingerie is to pick one that is so comfortable that it feels like a second skin. Here is a quick guide to help you shop:

Refer to the size chart on neyena to find bras and briefs that fit you perfectly. The wrong size could cause discomfort and look awkward with your clothes too.

While briefs suit some women, only boy shorts suit others. While some men prefer trunks, others prefer boxers. Reject commonly used styles and go with the one that suits your body type.

Certain fabrics could cause allergies or leave marks on your skin. Always buy from the right brands and stick to safer fabrics that do not have a tendency to cause discomfort of any sort.

neyena offers everything from a basic bikini set to plus size lingerie. Each piece of clothing (and indeed every product you see on the site) comes with massive discounts. We want you to enjoy fashion that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. We offer several different deals throughout the year, which is why you need not wait for a lingerie sale. You can buy at any time of the year and still get the best possible prices. So, get started and buy anything from black lingerie to comfy nightsuits at the best prices, today!

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Types of Women Lingerie
Bras- Bras are a love-hate thing for most women. They are tight, and taking off your bra at the end of the day is the most comfortable feeling. However, it is very important to wear a bra that fits right. A good bra can make your breasts maintain a good shape. Otherwise, they can become saggy and lose shape. A bra can make or break a whole outfit. There are many types of bra designs available in the market. You can find bras with padding and without padding. There are underwired bras and wireless bras. There are bras with full cups, demi cups, 3/4th cups, minimizers, push-up bras, and many more bra designs.

Panties – Most women don’t understand the importance of pairing the right kind of panties with the right outfit. There are several different types of panties to choose from depending on preferences, outfits, and body types. Some of them are hipsters, bikini, thongs, G-string, boyshorts, briefs, etc. The best choice for tight pants or skirts or dresses, where panty lines are not desired, is a thong or G-string. This ensures a smooth finish. Bikinis are perfect for women with flat stomachs. If you don’t have a flat stomach, you should opt for a hipster. Boyshorts are great if you want to lift the back to look lifted and full.

Bra and Panty SetsThese are a great option for people who are not very specific about the kind of lingerie they pick. Here the main focus is the fit of the bra. The panty is just an added bonus. Some people like matching the bra and panty so this is a good option for them. These are a great option if you want to buy sensual lingerie or bridal lingerie. Bra and panty sets are usually very gorgeous. They have great prints or have lace or satin. This is also a good gift for a wife or girlfriend if you are buying women’s lingerie.

Lingerie Sets – Lingerie sets are combo packs of bras, panties, camisoles, etc. These are great value for money options. It also saves time as you don’t have to try to assess the fit of each product differently. Popular lingerie sets include combo packs of two bras, combo packs of five panties, combo packs of two camisoles, etc., however, before you buy a whole set, try one product that is similar.

Babydolls – This is a kind of nightdress that is very sensual and is intended to make the wearer feel confident and gorgeous. They usually include lace, mesh, and satin and have straps. Babydolls are a great choice for intimate and sensual moments.

Camisole – Camisoles have several purposes as a piece of lingerie. They can be used as innerwear under sheer clothes. These are a comfortable option to wear at home as well. They can be used to compensate for deep plunge necks. They can also be worn as outerwear. The fabric is usually stretchable, such as with lycra or spandex. Satin camisoles are popular as a nightdress.

Bikini – A bikini is less women’s lingerie and more of a swimsuit. The two-piece swimsuit includes a bikini top that usually just covers the breasts and a panty. The bottom may vary, but the top is usually the signature triangular bikini top that is halter-neck.

Bodysuit – A bodysuit looks like a swimsuit but is worn as a garment. It covers the torso and crotch. It is skin tight and can be paired with skirts and pants. It can be paired with a coat or shrug or can be worn just as is. Bodysuits can also be worn as shapewear to cover fat.

Lingerie Styles for Different Body Types
Different types of women’s lingerie are suited for different body types. It is important to choose a product that suits your body type.

Round – Women with a round body type should choose lingerie that gives coverage on the side and back. Ruffles and lace will add flair. Babydolls look great on rounder body types. Bikinis will not fit well.

Hourglass – Women with hourglass bodies should choose lingerie that highlights the waist. High-waisted panties will look better than bikinis.

Pear – Pear body types are slightly athletic, and the breasts are not very full. The perfect kind of bras would be push up bras that have a plunging neckline. This will make the breasts appear fuller than they are.

Diamond – Women with a diamond body type have a heavy waistline. They should choose lingerie that will highlight their hips. Strapless bras and babydolls are a good choice.

Inverted Triangle – The inverted triangle or apple body type is unique. If you have wide shoulders, then halter neck bras and babydolls will look good on you.

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Apart from lingerie, neyena also has sportswear, sleepwear, accessories, and loungewear. You will be spoilt for choice once you login. Size charts are well explained, therefore, chances of ordering the wrong size are rare. There are options for easy returns and replacements too. The product comes in discreet packaging. neyena is surely the best way to buy lingerie online.

FAQs on Womens Lingerie
What is the best Lingerie for a wedding?

A. There’s no denying that for a girl, her wedding day is the most special. Naturally, on the wedding day (and through the night), you’ll want to be donning the most exquisite lingerie you can lay your hands on. Based on your personal preference, you can pick a clean and minimal style and opt for camis and slips, or you could go for plunging necklines and corsets if you like it a little wild. Or, you could also choose a sweet, little chemise and robe set if you want to go romantic. Our advice: pick a mix of them all, so you have a wide range of lingerie that lasts your wedding day, honeymoon, and beyond!

What is the best lingerie for women?

A. The best lingerie is that which makes you feel good, confident, and comfortable in your own body. It’s always good to have a variety of lingerie styles for every occasion, so you aren’t caught off guard at any moment. Some classic pieces that are closet staples and always remain in fashion are a good old t-shirt bra, a sexy push-up or lacy bra, a matching set, a pair of comfortable underwear, a nightgown, and a cute bralette. One can never go wrong with these. Here’s a tip – when buying lingerie, always choose garments that best suit your body type!

Which is the best color for women’s Lingerie?

A. Gone are the days when our intimate purchases were limited to just blacks and whites. Yes, there’s no denying that black, white and nude are three classic shades that one can never go wrong with. You can pair them up with any outfit, and they’ll be concealed beautifully underneath. For women looking for hot lingerie for their special night, choose your favorite color. New colors keep popping up when you search for lingerie online. Now, this may incline you to go and shop for lingerie in colors that you personally like. But, wait there’s something you should know. The trick is to pick lingerie in colors that complement your skin tone and enhance the color of your hair and eyes. Moreover, you can also pick based on your mood. Want to spice things up? Go for red. Feeling romantic? There’s nothing better than a pink blush set. Want to wow him? Choose a funky, bold pattern that’s unlike anything you’ve ever worn before!

How often should women purchase lingerie?

A. The answer to this question entirely depends on the type of lingerie. If it’s your bras and panties that you wear daily, then they’ll need replacing sooner – maybe every six months. If it’s your special lingerie that you only happen to sport on certain occasions and romantic nights, then you can sustain those for longer. Generally, it’s advisable for women to go lingerie shopping twice a year. This helps you replace your worn-out undergarments as well as buy new items in case there have been any changes in your body measurements. Lastly, try and take good care of your intimate wear and hand wash them (especially your bras) so they last longer and serve you well.