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Every bike owner will tell you to choose a helmet that matches your motorcycle. Mostly, it is for aesthetic reasons; you do not want to be caught riding a Yamaha YZF-R1 with an open-face helmet. Now, whatever maybe the type of helmet you have, it is a rather pricey equipment because of the safety it offers. Because of this, you can’t leave it unattended. Now, a helmet does not fit well into most bags and wearing it or carrying it around wherever you go can be awkward. Because of this, the ideal option is to lock your helmet to your bike using a bike helmet lock. Now, if you are in the market for a new helmet lock, then look for these locks online. With a wide range to choose from, not to mention the convenience of safe and secure payment options and having your product delivered right your doorstep, buying online is easy, smooth and hassle-free.

Types of bike helmet locks

When you look up helmet locks online, you will see that there are various types available. Each type is designed to accommodate a variety of motorcycles. Some of the few types include:

Handlebar locks – These are convenient to install and look stylish. They are often made from forged steel or some other shiny metal. They are rather strong and keep one’s helmet safe. Since the basic design of most bike handlebars is the same, these locks are universally designed.

Mesh leash or cord lock – These have long, rubberized cords that hook around the helmet and back into the lock. They are held closed with either a combination or a key. The choice of lock is often based on customer’s preference.

Bolt locks – These are small and permanent. They can be quickly installed in any part of the bike, with the common installation point being on the back of the bike, near the license plate.
Remember to pick the lock that will fit appropriately and securely on your bike.