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Monsoon Skin Care Tips for Glowing Beauty and Gorgeous Skin

In Rainy Days It is essential  that you should think about your skincare routine. Experts suggests that you should not use cleanser which is containing soap, Also use exfoliate regularly and do not skip the toner.

We love the rain. But that’s simply no excuse for running around with a mop of crinkled and temporal mascara.
Your normal skin care routine won’t cut it in the rains. You need to be more strategic with skin care in monsoon.

The number 1 thing to remember for skin care in rainy season is to keep your skin away from dampness. Sounds hard but it’s not. This is because damp skin to microbes and fungi is what a candy store is to a child. These can result in all sorts of skin problems ranging from irritation and rashes to ringworm. Here is the perfect monsoon skin care routine to combat skin issues.

Check out our handy book of rainy day beauty tips that will keep you looking sharp and svelte with very little extra effort. Time to take notes!

Neyena’s monsoon skin care experts and dermatologists have listed the must-follow steps for the rainy season:

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