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The Beard Roller. 540 needles will change your beard growth.
The 540 titanium needles create thousands of microscopic channels and activate the body’s natural healing process.

Increases blood circulation. Stimulates sleeping follicles. Maximizes serum absorption.

The Activator Serum. The ultimate growth fuel for your beard.
The natural active ingredient, Jojoba has proved shocking results for hair growth in a clinical study:

Average gain of 13500 hairs and up to 52% increased density in 90 days.

The Activator Serum activates your facial hairs and boosts your beard growth.

The Beard Roller maximizes serum absorption and stimulates the sleeping follicles.

The Sanitizer is designed to clean The Beard Roller.

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The Activator Serum
Naughty by nature. Growth stimulating. Natural, active ingredients.

How to use The Activator Serum:
Recommended use: For best results use The Activator Serum daily on an ongoing basis.
• Clean your face thoroughly.
• Distribute 1-2 pumps in the palm.
• Apply the serum with circular movements onto the desired area. This process will further increase the blood flow, helping the formula get into the follicles.
• Leave in The Activator Serum and allow it to fully absorb.

The Beard Roller
Revolutionizing. Follicle Stimulation. Precision till its core.
How to use The Beard Roller:
Recommended use: 1-2 times a week depending on skin tolerance.
• Sanitize The Beard Roller
• Roll gently 10 times back and forth – horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
• Wash with hot (not boiling) water and sanitize The Beard Roller.
Note: Don’t use The Beard Roller on irritated or infected skin. The Beard Roller is personal and should never be shared. The lifetime of The Beard Roller is not infinite. When the needles are no longer sharp enough to easily penetrate the skin, it is time for a replacement. It should never be painful to use.

The Sanitizer
Cleansing. Antibacterial. Refreshing.The Beard Roller Sanitizer
How to use The Beard Roller Sanitizer:
• Hold the spray 10-15 cm from The Beard Roller Head
• Spray 2-3 times evenly
• Let it dry for 20 seconds


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