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Neyena excited to Launch Neyena Parlour

Neyena excited to Launch Neyena Parlour

Neyena is working since Feb 2019 as an E-Commerce platform related with beauty and cosmetics products. As you all know that Neyena selling the major and some little brands on platform. Neyena is selling products from all categories like, Makeup, Skin, Nails and Hair care. You can buys everything you need to get glow and charm on your personality.
Now Neyena is very excited that, with the day & night efforts we have created a clear picture of Neyena and business. Also Neyena is growing with no excuses and no limit. 
So, as our found Mr. Ankit has a clear in view and scope in the industry and also he developed a great and successful business in the competitive era. He decided to launch new part of Neyena with name Neyena Parlour.
Neyena Parlour is responsible for Beauty & Makeup services in booking in PAN India.
He started to develop this platform by September 2019, and with the toughest and hard efforts of Ankit and his team, build a most successful idea in to the form of web.
Neyena Parlour started for Parlours and Makeup Artists to get registered, with out greated marketing policy and strategy we build a greatest and largest community of Parlours and Artists over the internet.
Now from 1st January 2020, we have started our greatest venture for customers. With the help of our marketing we have raised revenue worth Rs. 1 lakh in just 20 days.
Now we are inviting venture capitalist and investors from industry with the clear picture at a great and huge equity of 15% at just 10 Million INR.
For more info you can contact us at our official email [email protected]

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